January Challenge!

January Lifestyle Challenge!

Here’s how it works- you pick one lifestyle change and stick to it for the whole month of January! We will be doing “Jackie” on Monday, January 2nd as a benchmark WOD, and repeating on Tuesday, January 31st. Simple and easy. 

Here are the details:

1. You must stick to your lifestyle change for the whole month. No fudging! One slip up and you are out of the challenge.

2. The change needs to be manageable. Studies show that people who try to change too much at one time have a higher rate of failure in the lifestyle change. Here are some examples:
a. Add an extra hour of sleep to your night. Seven to nine hours is optimum, but again, baby steps.
b. Increase your water intake by measuring your water throughout the day.
c. Do you drink 15 cups of coffee? Even at night? How about cutting it back to 2 cups within three hours of waking up (when it’s most effective anyway).
d. Do you drink a six pack of Audacity beer a day? Cut it back to a six pack a week.
e. Is chocolate or ice cream your best friend besides your dog? Ditch it by eating a little more healthy food at your meal time.
f. How about buying ROMWOD for a month and doing mobility everyday for a month?
g. Going for a two mile walk as recovery and mental meditation.
h. Ditch all screens 1 hour before sleeping.
i. Do some seated meditation for 20 minutes a day and focus on your breathing.
j. Or talk/email a coach to get a more personal idea for you and how to achieve.

3. You must put your name on the board (or let us know below so we can put your name on the board) so that we may track who has skin in the game from the first day.

4. Be honest! If you slip up, own it! Then get back on the horse and keep riding. Just because you’re out of the actual challenge doesn’t mean you should give up.

5. Finally, lifestyle changes may be personal, so if you need to only communicate with a coach about what you’re doing feel free to talk to us one on one.

6. This may NOT be a fitness change. This is about lifestyle, not doing more pullups every day (although that’s a good idea).

7. Everyone who makes it the whole month and performs the benchmarks will receive a new piece of CFD merchandise!

CrossFit Denton