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Why choose CrossFit Denton?

You’ve done your research: you see CrossFit gyms popping up all over town. What makes the CFD experience special?

At CrossFit Denton, we take a unique approach to fitness by creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and challenged to be their best. New to CrossFit? - Learn More

The typical gym atmosphere can be intimidating to a beginner. CrossFit gyms are often filled with athletes who possess high-level skills and strength that may seem unapproachable to a newcomer. But our methodology is to meet you where you are at. We want to make you the best version of yourself. All you have to do is show up and work hard at your level.

We treat our gym like a school. Coaches included, we all come to learn new skills and improve our functional fitness. In every class, we’ll teach technique first, because we want to keep you safe. We’ll also encourage you to challenge your own expectations of what is possible.

Upon entering our doors, you will be surrounded by a coaching staff and a community dedicated to the same purpose: to be better people.

Perhaps you are an office worker who needs to get out of your desk chair. Or a parent seeking to improve quality playtime with the kiddos. Maybe you’re a serious athlete looking for new ways to compete. Or a runner who hopes that cross-training will improve your race times. Many of our people come to learn new skills and develop strength and endurance for everyday life. Others depend on a strong community to support them in their inner struggles.

We’re ready when you are. Just show up, and together we will do the rest.

Our box houses people of ALL types. People like you.


Our group classes are the heart of CrossFit. Men and women of all athletic abilities and backgrounds complete a WOD ("Workout of the Day"), which may be scaled up or down… [more]

CrossFit Denton offers Specialty Classes in Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Endurance. These classes are designed allow students to target specific areas of CrossFit...  [more]

CrossFit Denton offers a free Community Workout, open to all, every Saturday morning from 9:00-10:00am. Register for class below to secure your spot -- we cap the class at 35 people! … [more]

Our Atlas program incorporates bodyweight, gymnastic movements, interval training, and proper weightlifting technique into constantly varied workouts... [more]

We work SMARTER, so we can work HARDER.

Our Coaches

  • John Thompson
    Wanting to make his body stronger, faster, and overall more fit, John expanded…
  • Kalah Thompson
    Kalah has played a variety of sports since she was 5 years old…
  • Matt
    Matt grew up in a small town in Iowa. After moving to Denton…
  • Jason
    Jason began his CrossFit journey in 2014, at the age of 40, after…
  • Jeremy
    Jeremy grew up playing sports and excelled in high school football. A devastating knee…

Box Rules

I am not finished with the workout until my boxmates are finished.

When I finish, I will cheer them on to the end, reminding them that form equals power, and that they will succeed. When I am not finished, my boxmates will do the same for me. We are sharing the same air and space. We are one; we are team.

I will express myself.

I will yell, whisper, shriek, clap, curse, grunt when I succeed and fail. I will wear my excitement on my brow right along with the sweat dripping on the floor. I have the privilege to forge myself into something special, and I will show my pride.


When I walk in the box, I bring my best.

Every minute, every second, I bring my best. Every time I hurt, I sweat, I yell, I fail, I succeed, I bring my best. I leave my worst outside the box.

I crush all those who oppose me, namely myself. 

I crush the wind pushing against me, the bar taunting my shaking body, my body yelling its insecurities. I crush my ego. I don't die -- I modify. If I can't run, I walk. If I can't walk, I crawl. Life is constant motion, and so is the blood and air in my body. When I die, then I can stop moving.

Cheating is for the weak of spirit, mind, and body.

I am here to make myself stronger, so cheating is not an option. If I am not tired at the end of the workout, then I have not given my all. This is cheating.

My name is important.

It is the sweetest sound on my ears. The sweetest sound on my tongue is using my boxmates' names so I can make their ears tingle with the same music when I am cheering them on to new heights. I will kick out 20 burpees in honor of every boxmate whose name I do not know. Your name is important.

Dress codes are for upscale clubs and proms.

I didn't come to dance. I came dressed with an attitude to succeed and push on to the next level. How do I look?

When I leave the box I tell my worst there is no room left, because I am at my best.

What Clients Say

  • Safety First

    I have been attending CrossFit Denton for a little over 8 months now and I love it! The coaches are very good about keeping their athletes safe and emphasizing proper technique and form. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I'm…
  • Great Trainers

    Some people have a natural ability to train and that is exactly how I feel about John and Kalah. Every class they have pushed me to be better and have also been very helpful on technique. I have seen a…
  • Excellent Community

    I was a member of Crossfit Denton for about 2-3 years. Crossfit Denton has an excellent community and devoted coaches. John and Kalah are very invested in their members and are great coaches. All the coaches do not just sit…



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