Nutrition Partner – TWU’s Pioneer Performance Clinic

There is no better foundation for your health, fitness, and well being than your nutritional base.
Working from that premise, CrossFit Denton teamed up with the best nutrition game in town: TWU’s Pioneer Performance Clinic. Rather than work off imprecise ideas and fad diets prescribed by the internet (and backed by anecdotal evidence), CFD chose to partner with a university nutrition department. Their dietitians and grad students utilize cutting edge technology and extensive knowledge that is backed by scientific research. Why guess, when you have the best?
This partnership affords CrossFit Denton members discounted rates on ALL services offered at the clinic. 
We recommend starting your nutritional journey with the “Warm-Up Package” — which includes a DXA scan, an RMR test, blood work, and a nutritional consultation. CFD members may purchase this for $150 through our MindBody Online Store. (Upon purchase, please read the appointment instructions carefully.)
Don’t wait! Springboard into the best shape of your life.


Optimal nutrition with consistent and intentional physical training

— backed by a supportive community —

is the CFD experience!


Kim Blackmon RDN


Kim is our new TWU Nutrition Intern. She is currently a registered dietitian and is available for personal nutrition consultation.
Hours of availability vary.
Email nutrition questions or appointment requests to



CrossFit Denton