New to CrossFit

Beginning CrossFit can be intimidating whatever your fitness level. Our goal at CrossFit Denton is to meet you where you are at and support you along the way. Our coaches are skilled and equipped to assist you as you progress.  Learn more about the CrossFit Denton Difference.
Your safety is our highest priority. At sign-up you will receive a “CrossFit Checklist.” This checklist is a compilation of the foundational movements that make up CrossFit Workouts and the key points of performance that make up each move. As you encounter these movements in your CrossFit group classes, you will be coached through each point of performance.  Your coaches will sign you off as you reach competency for each skill. Completion of the checklist will ensure each movement can be performed safely and efficiently. 
You will participate in our regular CrossFit group classes with other supportive gym members. Each class focuses on progressive movements that build up to each skill and is designed with modifications for every fitness level.

Experience the CrossFit Denton Difference by scheduling your Free Trial Class!

You do not have to be fit to begin, but you have to begin to be fit!

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