Box Rules

  • When I walk in the box, I bring my best. Every minute, every second, I bring my best. Every time I hurt, I sweat, I yell, I fail, I succeed, I bring my best. I leave my worst outside the box.
  • I crush all those who oppose me, namely myself. I crush the wind pushing against me, the bar taunting my shaking body, my body yelling its insecurities. I crush my ego. I don't die -- I modify. If I can't run, I walk. If I can't walk, I crawl. Life is constant motion, and so is the blood and air in my body. When I die, then I can stop moving.
  • Cheating is for the weak of spirit, mind, and body. I am here to make myself stronger, so cheating is not an option. If I am not tired at the end of the workout, then I have not given my all. This is cheating.
  • I am not finished with the workout until my boxmates are finished. When I finish, I will cheer them on to the end, reminding them that form equals power, and that they will succeed. When I am not finished, my boxmates will do the same for me. We are sharing the same air and space. We are one; we are team.
  • I will express myself. I will yell, whisper, shriek, clap, curse, grunt when I succeed and fail. I will wear my excitement on my brow right along with the sweat dripping on the floor. I have the privilege to forge myself into something special, and I will show my pride.
  • My name is important. It is the sweetest sound on my ears. The sweetest sound on my tongue is using my boxmates' names so I can make their ears tingle with the same music when I am cheering them on to new heights. I will kick out 20 burpees in honor of every boxmate whose name I do not know. Your name is important.
  • Dress codes are for upscale clubs and proms. I didn't come to dance. I came dressed with an attitude to succeed and push on to the next level. How do I look?
  • When I leave the box I tell my worst there is no room left, because I am at my best.

CrossFit Denton