Barbell Bash

CFD is proud to sponsor and host the 4th annual "Back to School Barbell Bash" in support of the Denton Public School Foundation. All proceeds raised in this event directly benefit Denton-area children in need of school supplies and basic provisions.

2017 Details

Date: Saturday, October 7th
Time: Athlete check in runs from 7:00-7:30am; the first workout will begin at 8:00am 
Location: 1017 Shady Oaks Dr. Denton TX (CrossFit Denton)
Divisions: Men RX, Women RX, Men Scaled, Female Scaled; two people per team 
Cost: $125/RX team; $100/Scaled team
Registration: Available online at Throwdowns.

Workout Details

All participants are guaranteed four WODs. There will be a final WOD for the top five teams in each division, to be announced the day of the event.

(Demo videos coming soon!)


For Time:
Thrusters, 95#/65# (RX) / 75#/55# (SC)
Calories on rower

  • Time cap: 10 min.
  • Score: Time (1 sec. penalty for every rep not completed by 10 min.)
  • Each partner will complete 10-20-30 reps of both movements, alternating back and forth after each set. While one partner completes their reps, the other holds a bar hang.
  • The person completing their reps must face the pull-bar at all times, and may only move while their partner is on the pullup bar.
  • Each time the bar hanging partner drops while the other partner is working, a 10 sec. penalty is added to final time AND the person working on their reps must stop until their partner is hanging again.


Find clean 1RM in 10 min.
~Rest 2 min.~
Max chest-to-bar (RX) / pull-ups (SC) in 2 min.

  • Score: Sum of both partners’ max weight plus max reps
  • Two bars (45#s for guys; 35#s for girls) will be available for each pair of partners.
  • Only one partner may attempt a clean at a time, but the other partner may be loading their own bar in the meantime.
  • Muscle, power, or squat cleans are acceptable. Athlete must stand up to complete hip and knee extension -- with their elbows clearly in front of the bar -- and wait for the judge to signal “Good lift” before dropping their bar. Knees may not touch the ground at any point during the lift; elbows may not touch knees in the squat.
  • Both partners will perform their max C2B/PU at the same time, after a mandatory 2 min rest period.
  • Note: We will have a designated area where athletes may warm-up their clean before their wave begins.


10 min AMRAP:
12 bear hug sandbag squats
30’ bear hug sandbag carry
12 bear hug sandbag squats
30’ bear hug sandbag carry

  • Score: Total points (On the sandbag carry, every 10’ counts as 4 points)
  • Sandbag weights: 70#/50# (RX), 50#/30# (SC)
  • Plate weight: 35#/25# (RX), 25#/15# (SC)
  • One person completes a round with the sandbag while their partner holds a bumper plate over their head. After the first person completes a round they switch positions, and continue to alternate positions every round.
  • Once the first squat of a new round has begun, the sandbag may not touch the ground and the plate must remain overhead. If the bag is dropped, or the plate is brought down below the head, both partners must complete 12 unison burpees on the spot. The only time the bag or plate may touch the ground is between rounds when the partners are switching positions.
  • Resting the plate on one’s head is not permitted, but elbows may be locked out or bent.

Floater WOD

Max calories on assault bike in 1 min.

  • Score: Sum of both partners’ max calories
  • Each partner gets one attempt only.
  • There will be 4 bikes available at any time for the WOD; an additional 3 bikes will be available in the designated  warm-up area for any athlete to use.
  • The WOD may be completed at any time throughout the competition from 7:45am until the first wave of WOD #3 begins (TBD). Both partners must show up to complete the floater WOD at the same time.

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