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Monday, 8/1/16

#1 DayWARMUP–Team inchwormGYM–4x5 band pop to HS holdMETCON–14 min. AMRAP9 Ground To Overheads, 115/75 lbs 6 Candlesticks, 20/14 lbs 200m Sandbag Run, 70/50 lbsCOOL DOWN–Iron cross stretch
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Sunday, 7/31/16

Hero WOD SundayWARMUP–2 RDS, 1 min. each:Medball throw and catch against wall Jump rope Ostrich walk Bar hang METCON–“Whitten”5 RFT22 Kettlebell Swings, 2 pood 22 Box Jumps, 24 in Run, 400 m 22 Burpees 22 Wall Balls, 20 lbsCOOL DOWN–Partner Wing Opener
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Friday, 7/29/16

#1 DayWARMUP–100’ ostrich walk with KB100’ partner wheel barrow carry (switch at 50’)SKILL–DeadliftLHS–Find deadlift 3RMMETCON– EMOM, 12 min.6 push press, 115#/75#Rest of minute: C2B pullupsCOOL DOWN–Shoulder smash
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Thursday, 7/28/16

#1 DayWARMUP–50’ duck walk 50’ bunny jumps 1 min each:  Single arm kb swing, right side Single arm kb swing left sideLHS–3x10 front squatMETCON–30-20-10Single arm KB OH walking lungesPush-ups Burpee box jumpsCOOL DOWN–Banded shoulder mobility
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